What do you do? Sing in a rock band? Perform Shakespeare? Sing in musicals? Make business presentations? Sing opera? Lecture in a university? Sing cabaret? Compete in poetry slams? Rap? Do stand-up comedy? Perform in different languages? Defend clients in court? Sing punk?

Whatever you do, Sybil can help you do it better!


"A singing teacher renowned for her perfect notes and versatile vocal technique." F.O.T., BBC2


How? All have the same thing in common, the voice, and when it comes to the voice, Sybil Esmore is an acknowledged expert. Not only has she studied voice (and languages) with some of the world's foremost authorities in London, New York and Munich, she has performed everything from opera to punk across Europe and on both sides of The Atlantic.


"A multitude of contemporary and classical styles in eight different languages." Recorder


As a result Sybil has developed a unique understanding of the voice and how to use the voice to its greatest potential, as whatever the style or application, the same foundations always apply.

These are:


"I was sustaining notes as I had never done before." City Limits


By combining her classical training in the Bel Canto (traditional Italian operatic) method, with the experience of performing an eclectic range of musical styles, in eight different languages, Sybil has developed her own unique system of teaching, which uses special methods and techniques that easily adapt these universal principles to your specific needs, requirements and voice, whatever your level of experience.


"Very quickly I realised that her teaching worked." Independent


Her approach is friendly, relaxed and informal. Her results are rapid. All tuition is on a personal one to one basis, with Sybil herself, although if you prefer, she is happy to work with your entire group (while still giving individual attention).


"Multiple talents." BBC Radio Four


Sybil offers several tuition options and these are as follows:


Voice Assessment

Listening to you sing or speak, Sybil will assess your voice, analysing how you use it, diagnosing any problems that you may have and determining your potential and specific requirements. For anyone wishing to confirm that they should invest in the development of their own or someone else's talent and career, this is the perfect opportunity and is therefore favoured as the ideal starting point by management companies, record labels, parents of gifted children and those who are unsure of their own ability/potential.

"The ultimate in vocal technology." Mixmag

Trial Session

If you wish to improve your voice, but want to sample Sybil's teaching before committing to an entire course with her, then the trial session is for you. During this session, Sybil will cover all of the basics essential to good vocal technique including breathing, muscle control, vocal physiology, vocal analysis, basic vocal exercises and a question and answer session. As a bonus, this two hour trial session includes the voice assessment (detailed above) and is the perfect introduction to any of the courses outlined below.

"All the ingredients for good singing." BBC Radio GLR

Ten Hour Course*

This course covers all of the foundations set out earlier (breathing/phrasing, support, flexibility, relaxation and diction). During the course you will strengthen your voice, eliminate throat problems and bad vocal habits, expand your range, increase your power, build confidence and gain vocal flexibility, rapidly moving through customised vocal exercises to sessions based around songs or dialogue of your choice. These can be in any style, using original or third party material.

"Go from obscurity to the limelight in a couple of weeks." BBC Radio Sussex

Twenty Hour Course*

Covering the same areas as the ten hour course, the twenty hour course allows you to take your tuition to a more advanced level. The extra time enables you to work on an expanded repertoire, allowing you to learn important complimentary skills including mic technique, audience presentation and audition skills, culminating with advice about working professionally. By the end of this course you will sound confident and dynamic and be ready to audition, make demos and perform in public.

"Thanks for the voice." Greg Valentine, Alpha Connection

Fifty & One Hundred Hour Courses*

If you are serious about your voice and wish to study vocal technique and performance in depth, then these longer courses have been developed especially for you. Allowing you more time to consolidate the areas covered in the ten and twenty hour courses, they teach advanced vocal techniques and skills used by top singers, actors and orators; allow you to finely hone the performance and delivery of individual pieces and provide extra time to work on an even wider repertoire. Because of the generous discounts offered on these courses, they are extremely popular with management companies and record labels who wish their artists to fully develop their potential and continue to work on new material.

*The first two hours of these courses will be the trial session (detailed above). If you have already done this session, these courses will pickup where the trial session ended.

"Your lessons have put me on tour with Janet Jackson and will take me beyond. Thank You." Deetails, MN8

Individual Sessions

Tuition can be arranged on a regular or occasional basis as one, one and a half or two hour sessions, covering your personal requirements.

"Sing like Pavarotti…sing like Johnny Rotten" BBC Radio GLR

Vocal Tape

A custom made tape consisting of special exercises designed to loosen up your voice and enhance the effects of the range and power building work done in sessions, is available when you have reached the appropriate standard. As a bonus, this tape, which also features vocal tips, is included with the fifty and one hundred hour courses.

"Fantastic!" Radio Triple M, Sydney, Australia

Group Bookings

If you perform as part of a group (or duo) and some/all of you wish to study together, then any of the above tuition options may be chosen at special group rates. Although you will work together, each of you will receive individual attention.

"Abithano! Your tuition has taken our group to a new dimension." Andreas Yiasimi, The Constantia Brothers


Sybil has lectured, lead workshops and taught masterclasses in London and the home counties. Lectures are normally one hour long, consist of a general overview of the voice and how to use it and always end with a question and answer session. By request, lectures can focus on a more specialised aspect of the voice.

"If you've got high hopes of hitting the charts…or want to make a big impression…listen to everything Sybil has to say." Anne Diamond, Good Morning, BBC1


Workshops are booked by the half day (four hours), whole day (eight hours) or weekend (two eight hour days) and are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the group. All participants will receive individual attention, while working together.

"Brilliant…fabulous…superb…amazing…so much energy and talent leaves you quite breathless." BBC Radio Newcastle


These are for groups of advanced students only, be they singers, actors or orators. Participants will be expected to perform to the group in their chosen genre and will have their performance analysed in order to receive constructive criticism and correction. This will allow everyone to learn from their experience. These masterclasses are extremely dynamic, as they often involve people from radically different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, working in radically different styles and fields and can give rise to a vital cross pollination of ideas.

"Voice coach to the stars." Anne Diamond, Good Morning, BBC1

Attended Recordings

By popular request, Sybil is available to attend recording sessions as a vocal consultant.

"If you want to be anyone from Pavarotti to Ozzy Osbourne then Sybil Esmore is your woman." The Mix, BBC Radio Five